17 Lessons From The First Winter

I learned it is okay to run barefoot if the temperature outside is below freezing but dry. I learned being wet in 0C is colder than being dry in -29C I learned to not freak out if conditions out there are not as per the plan. Embrace the suck, these might be the moments you'll [...]

Braving The Bhangarh : Part II

What? I feel lost. Take me to Part I I was silent and smiling as I moved out of Sariska Tiger Reserve with the forest ranger (behind the window) who was done with his shift and was heading back home now. We sat on the plank and began talking of tigers - tracking, naming process, best time [...]

Snow, Mud, Sweat and Tears – Actif Epica 2017

First Step to The IDITAROD Tears rolled down my eyes in pain and despair as I collapsed on a half-frozen muddy trail in the middle of nowhere on a freezing cold midnight. I could hear sounds of coyotes, and see some flickering lights at a far distance. I wasn’t sure where was I. Cue sheets were [...]

Braving The Bhangarh: Part I

Carrying a mountaineer's rucksack and a deflated Camelbak, I was dumbstruck by the awe-inspiring beauty of surrounding greens with partially dead mountains in the backdrop. The spring was still two weeks away, but, I was sweating a lot as I alighted the bus under the open sun on a Sunday afternoon. I realized I was [...]