Chasing Yamuna: A love story of our time

Deep in the valley, two men are digging the sand off the shore, on the brink of onset of a supposedly cold winter. One is in his early twenties, while other is barely fifty. He calls the older one, uncle (younger brother of his father). Both reign from Saharanpur district of Uttar Pradesh and have traveled [...]

Quebec City – Montreal Solo 375

The Northern Transcendence Celebrating 375 years of Montreal In the beautiful town of Yamaska, hundred kilometres from Montreal towards Quebec, it's raining sheets outside for past three days when I step in this café, order a regular Poutine and request to deliver on the table as I hide myself in the deepest corner. I do [...]

The Thousand Deaths on Rat Jaw

The Barkley Fall Classic It's around 2.15 pm of a much-awaited Saturday in woods of Tennessee. I'm bleeding from scratches on right leg, the toe in the right shoe is crushed, I barely have a few ounces of water left in my blue hydration pack. The last I saw any course marking was over an [...]

Snow, Mud, Sweat and Tears – Actif Epica 2017

First Step to The IDITAROD Tears rolled down my eyes in pain and despair as I collapsed on a half-frozen muddy trail in the middle of nowhere on a freezing cold midnight. I could hear sounds of coyotes, and see some flickering lights at a far distance. I wasn’t sure where was I. Cue sheets were [...]

GR Bhati Lakes Ultramarathon 2013

The legend continues... My kingdom as I always call this Martian land, it has always been a relishing experience being out there in the wilderness with old friends and new, and expressing the gratitude towards the demon that lay silently behind the bushes waiting for the magical race to flag off at this time of [...]

Gurgaon 24-hour Ultramarathon

A revenge served cold Musings on Beeism “First, a DNF at Mandwa-Pune ultra. The weather was odd, conditions were new, a stumbled stomach minutes ahead of the start with Maharashtrian version of popular cuisines –provided enough excuses to wave off the grudge. And then the same result in my own backyard, Bhati –this time falling [...]

GR Bhati Lakes Ultramarathon 2012

End of an era After a celebrated triumph in Delhi Half Marathon pacing the rookies to a sub 3-hour finish, the lure of ultrarunning was on the call to rediscover the grits on same old trails of Bhati mines. 'My Den' as I call those long abandoned deserted forest trails, returning there was immaculate. Nervous [...]

Pacing experience with runners in ADHM’12

Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2012 Pacing the 3:00 hour Bus “Skeptical” was my answer when Tanvir asked if I was interested in pacing for 3:00 hour Bus. 2:10 or something was the finish time on my mind, so it was tough finding reasons to go this slow. I've had a good amount of running on [...]

Pacer Strategy for 3:00hr Bus at ADHM 2012

  Pacing the Team G-Force   After six successful appearances in Delhi Half Marathon, returning to the seventh edition as a pacer is something I'd take as a reward. In pursuit of training for Bhati Lakes 100 miler, just five days after Delhi Half Marathon, and meeting up with new runners -I took up the [...]

Mandwa-Pune 250K / 48-hr Ultra

A Heroic Tale of Humiliation Prologue “Hi Champ. How are you?” “Hi Spartan. I'm fine, thank you! How about you?” replied the ultrarunner from Ahmedabad, Vishwas Bhamburkar from the other side of the phone. “Oh, I'm all good. I just called up to confirm if you're available on July 4th. I want to run from [...]