Snow, Mud, Sweat and Tears

Actif Epica 2017 First Step to The IDITAROD Tears rolled down my eyes in pain and despair as I collapsed on half-frozen muddy trail in middle of nowhere on a freezing cold midnight. I could hear sounds of coyotes, and see some flickering lights at far distance. I wasn’t sure where was I. Cue sheets were […]

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The Bond

  “Om bhu Om sah. Om bhurva bhavah swaha. Om triyambakamyajamahae Sugandhimpushtivardhanam. Urvarukamivbandhan mrityurmukhshiya mamratat.” I hear this verse in Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language, on a gloomy November morning in city of New Delhi. It has suddenly got cold, overnight. As I stand amid noise of traffic from nearby road, I’m staring at large […]

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A Tale of Taling My Tale

My heart is racing as I sit on a chair, gazing at patchy screen of my laptop. While I read my story for the last time before the show tonight, curtain brushes back of my neck as cool breeze gushes through the window facing my bunk-bed. It’s raining outside. Perhaps, nothing new for a Montreal weekend. In past […]

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Udhaari: A Tale woven in Time

आमूमन ज़िन्दगी दौड़ते हुए कुछ ऐसे किस्से दे जाती है, जो जीवन भर भुलाये नहीं भूलते। कभी उनमे बेइन्तहा ख़ुशी होती है, तो कभी दर्द भरा ग़म। उन्ही कुछ खट्टे-मीठे किस्सों में से एक किस्सा मेरा भी है। अब ये कितना सच है, ये तो केवल ईश्वर ही जानता है। न मैं, और न आप।

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Home : A Calling from Space

Often I ask myself, Why I always run to the mountain And then spend hours gazing the buildings from Corridor See random people, and squeeze the eyebrow in disdain As I walk on the concrete slabs of Chalet’s floor   Why the flowing water grips my nerve every time When I sit under the clocktower […]

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