Confession of A Storyteller By Chance: Why I Tell Stories?

I tell stories. Whenever I can. Wherever I can. But, there is something one must know. I'm not a storyteller. Not a writer either. In fact, the first story I ever listened to was by John Cotrocois during Confabulation last year in May - an hour before I told my first story.  I was petrified [...]


Silencing The Soul: A Journey Through Depression

REJECTION "Gaurav, do it. Go ahead and jump. This is the best solution and it will be over" "No, I can't." "You can. Don't be a coward! Throw your bag over the fence first. Then you get across and just jump. It's raging water, falling 200 ft down, on the rocks. In this loud noise [...]

Why I Believe I Am A Rapist And I Am Sorry For That?

I moved to Pune as a 25-year-old in July 2013. Being born and brought up in Delhi, Pune was the first city outside of Delhi I was going to call home for next two years. So, when I landed, I was nervous, scared, excited, and wanted to socialize. Talk to almost everyone I'd meet, even [...]

When You’re Stupid and Attempt To Define Yourself

Who Am I?   I am. That is the only truth. Who am I? What’s my purpose? Wish that was easy to answer. But, I won’t leave you disappointed. Let’s try. I am. That every runner. Who runs for days on trails. And nights chasing nothing. Suffers in pain. Dies every day. But, survives like [...]

Why I Hate Muslims and You Should Too? (Part III)

A Postcard For Peace And Love Go back to Second Part Every year, on my birthday I run distances equivalent to my age. Like 19 km for 19 years, 20 km for 20 years, growing to 22 miles for 22 years and then 250 km for 25 years. When I turned 26, I decided to [...]

Why I Hate Muslims and You Should Too? (Part II)

A Postcard For Peace And Love Go back to the first part. February of 2006 was the time when I had first open argument with my father when I was denied to apply for admission to medical/engineering school in Aligarh Muslim University and Jamia Millia Islamia, because of obvious reasons. Since then, I never stopped [...]

Why I Hate Muslims and You Should Too? (Part I)

A Postcard For Peace And Love Muslims are not humans, they're demons, violent. They do black magic. They're inferior to us, Hindus. All of them are exactly our opposite; dirty, terrorists and won't refrain from killing us. Eating us. They reproduce so much, the main reason for India's overpopulation. I will never allow one of [...]

48 hours : A Quest For Life Amid Dead (Part II)

Click here for Part I I fail to keep my feet warm. My toes are numb and temperature outside is still 20 degrees below freezing. As I lay in my sleeping bag, I'm thinking of time I spent in Vipassana Meditation where I'd stay in meditative state for 17 hours a day that lasted for 10 [...]

48 hours : A Quest For Life Amid Dead (Part I)

"I do not want to read in tomorrow's newspapers - an Indian found dead in hills of Bromont. Gaurav, trust me this doesn't sound a good idea. I will say while reading, I warned this guy on Christmas eve but he didn't listen." Snow-clad streets of Montreal, 6 degrees below freezing, windy and my first [...]

When I Saved A Life In Delhi Metro

Thirteen. Fourteen. Fifteen. Flip, face up. Compress chest. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Check the breathing. Do you feel anything? Nothing. Check if anything is visible in mouth? Nothing. Check the heartbeat. It's high. Do babies normally have high heart rate? I don't know. Look up at his mother. How is she doing? She's in [...]