48 hours : A Quest For Life Amid Dead (Part II)

Click here for Part I I fail to keep my feet warm. My toes are numb and temperature outside is still 20 degrees below freezing. As I lay in my sleeping bag, I'm thinking of time I spent in Vipassana Meditation where I'd stay in meditative state for 17 hours a day that lasted for 10 [...]

48 hours : A Quest For Life Amid Dead (Part I)

"I do not want to read in tomorrow's newspapers - an Indian found dead in hills of Bromont. Gaurav, trust me this doesn't sound a good idea. I will say while reading, I warned this guy on Christmas eve but he didn't listen." Snow-clad streets of Montreal, 6 degrees below freezing, windy and my first [...]

When I Saved A Life In Delhi Metro

Thirteen. Fourteen. Fifteen. Flip, face up. Compress chest. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Check the breathing. Do you feel anything? Nothing. Check if anything is visible in mouth? Nothing. Check the heartbeat. It's high. Do babies normally have high heart rate? I don't know. Look up at his mother. How is she doing? She's in [...]

A Sincere Apology to 2017

Village Naya Khera. Udaipur. Rajasthan. India. It's Monday late morning and I decide to climb Aranya, the closest major hill in India's oldest Mountain Range - The Aravallis, 4000 ft high. Loose gravel, sand, soft rocks, freshly laid asphalt and dry soil. I cross all in a jiffy to find myself in a field of [...]

The Bond

“Om bhu Om sah. Om bhurva bhavah swaha. Om triyambakamyajamahae Sugandhimpushtivardhanam. Urvarukamivbandhan mrityurmukhshiya mamratat.” I hear this verse in Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language, on a gloomy November morning in the city of New Delhi. It has suddenly got cold, overnight. As I stand amid the noise of traffic from a nearby road, I’m staring [...]

A Tale of Taling My Tale

My heart is racing as I sit on a chair, gazing at patchy screen of my laptop. While I read my story for the last time before the show tonight, curtain brushes back of my neck as cool breeze gushes through the window facing my bunk-bed. It's raining outside. Perhaps, nothing new for a Montreal weekend. In past [...]

Expanding to Zero

All efforts at self-transformation challenge us to engage in an on-going, critical self-examination and reflection about the foresight. The blissful eternal silence to find the answers to these questions demands commitment and a lot more courage, fire and deep awareness of “I”. This individual commitment, when coupled with engagement in collective discussion, provides a space for critical feedback which strengthens the efforts to change and make ourselves anew, stronger and full of light.