A Sincere Apology to 2017

Village Naya Khera. Udaipur. Rajasthan. India. It's Monday late morning and I decide to climb Aranya, the closest major hill in India's oldest Mountain Range - The Aravallis, 4000 ft high. Loose gravel, sand, soft rocks, freshly laid asphalt and dry soil. I cross all in a jiffy to find myself in a field of [...]


The Bond

“Om bhu Om sah. Om bhurva bhavah swaha. Om triyambakamyajamahae Sugandhimpushtivardhanam. Urvarukamivbandhan mrityurmukhshiya mamratat.” I hear this verse in Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language, on a gloomy November morning in the city of New Delhi. It has suddenly got cold, overnight. As I stand amid the noise of traffic from a nearby road, I’m staring [...]

A Tale of Taling My Tale

My heart is racing as I sit on a chair, gazing at patchy screen of my laptop. While I read my story for the last time before the show tonight, curtain brushes back of my neck as cool breeze gushes through the window facing my bunk-bed. It's raining outside. Perhaps, nothing new for a Montreal weekend. In past [...]

Expanding to Zero

All efforts at self-transformation challenge us to engage in an on-going, critical self-examination and reflection about the foresight. The blissful eternal silence to find the answers to these questions demands commitment and a lot more courage, fire and deep awareness of “I”. This individual commitment, when coupled with engagement in collective discussion, provides a space for critical feedback which strengthens the efforts to change and make ourselves anew, stronger and full of light.