5 Toughest Ultramarathons In India

I was just 12-year-old when I was watching a BBC documentary on Iditarod - The Last Great Race on the planet. A 1000 mile long dogsled race in dead of winter in Alaska from Anchorage to Nome in far West. It was then, I dreamed of racing that trail one day. But, I lived in New [...]

How To Fling Semen Filled Balloons On People: A Tutorial

I was very confused whether or not to write about this as Egonomics was dedicated solely to my experiences with self, learning from the people I meet and stories from running some long distances. However, the sequence in which the recent events unfolded, I felt like taking this step and write about something I believe [...]

Meditation on Tom Thomson

After running in frozen lands of Winnipeg in winter, I spent my first Canadian summer in Ontario's Algonquin Provincial Park. It's an immensely special place, and so was the three-month-long journey. While I'll share the journey in series of posts in coming weeks, visualize through the words of Robert Kroetsch (1975) as he describes a beautiful [...]

How to Leave the Planet Earth?

I know you’ve been wondering this question since you were three-year-old and were told stories about UFOs. People must have told you a number of lies, including “Oh, you have to be an astronaut to leave this planet and get into space.” Not anymore. I worked diligently for years to find out this hidden secret [...]

A Tale of Taling My Tale

My heart is racing as I sit on a chair, gazing at patchy screen of my laptop. While I read my story for the last time before the show tonight, curtain brushes back of my neck as cool breeze gushes through the window facing my bunk-bed. It's raining outside. Perhaps, nothing new for a Montreal weekend. In past [...]

Udhaari: A Tale woven in Time

आमूमन ज़िन्दगी दौड़ते हुए कुछ ऐसे किस्से दे जाती है, जो जीवन भर भुलाये नहीं भूलते। कभी उनमे बेइन्तहा ख़ुशी होती है, तो कभी दर्द भरा ग़म। उन्ही कुछ खट्टे-मीठे किस्सों में से एक किस्सा मेरा भी है। अब ये कितना सच है, ये तो केवल ईश्वर ही जानता है। न मैं, और न आप।

Home : A Calling from Space

Often I ask myself, Why I always run to the mountain And then spend hours gazing the buildings from Corridor See random people, and squeeze the eyebrow in disdain As I walk on the concrete slabs of Chalet's floor   Why the flowing water grips my nerve every time When I sit under the clocktower [...]

17 Lessons From The First Winter

I learned it is okay to run barefoot if the temperature outside is below freezing but dry. I learned being wet in 0C is colder than being dry in -29C I learned to not freak out if conditions out there are not as per the plan. Embrace the suck, these might be the moments you'll [...]

World War III

The inevitable is bustling “To find the corpses of your beloved in the debris; to find the air and the water exploding; to be waned by scoff lapse; to be thrilled by the dark before solar collapse; to be elated over a storm's zing or the raining stings in the spring; - these are some [...]