DUV ULTRAMARATHON Neu dabei und nachgefragt – New And Asked

  1. Aus welchen Gründen hast Du dich der DUV angeschlossen?
    As co-director of India Backyard Ultra, DUV was one platform I often revisited to keep track of events across the world. And then I moved to Norway last year, started exploring European trails and next obvious step was to join DUV and find ways to connect with people, races, and contribute my bit to Europe’s vibrant ultrarunning culture. I joined DUV to give to the community and maybe seek connections in return.
  1. Bestreitest Du Läufe als Wettkampf, als Erlebnis oder zum Genuss?
    I’m not very competitive as far as running is concerned. I run for the experience. It’s a great way to explore new place, people, cultures and beyond. I love running with like-minded people and rediscover myself every time through new challenges. Pleasure is the reward you get almost all the time when the approach is right.
  1. Deine Musik-Playlist für ein schnelles Work-Out? (Top 3)
    1. Indian Classical Tabla Recitals by Zakir Hussain
    2. Music by A. R. Rahman
    3. Linkin Park
  1. Welcher Podcast/ welches Hörbuch begleitet Dich auf einer langen Einheit?
    On long runs I listen to the audiobook “1984”. Otherwise, I listen to podcasts like Newslaundry, Science of Ultra and Ten Junk Miles.
  1. Sollte Musik im Wettkampf erlaubt sein?
    I do not mind music in competitions until athletes keep it to themselves using earphones and have one of their ears free so they can still hear someone from behind, particularly on trails, for who are faster and looking to pass.
  1. Bevorzugst Du Läufe auf der Straße oder im Gelände (Trail)?
    Trails. I grew up running on asphalt roads, and it was fun, until I started running on the trails in the Himalayas and discovered what I was missing. Roads are nice and easy, but trails have life, and they take you places with magical views and people.
  1. Zieht es Dich unter allen Wetterbedingungen nach draußen oder würdest Du Dich als „Schönwetterläufer“ bezeichnen?
    I believe there is nothing like bad weather for running, unless there’s a hurricane outside. Wearing right clothing for the conditions makes all the difference. I made my share of mistakes early on, especially in winter of Canada, but I learned quickly before I got frostbite on all my fingers. I prefer winter, though.
  1. Wie reagierst Du, wenn jemand vor Dir absichtlich die Strecke abkürzt?
    I see ultrarunning as a community sport that has its foundation set on the honesty of the athletes towards the race, themselves and the fellow competitors. It looks ugly when someone cuts the course and deceives the race organizers and fellow competitors. I might call from behind, assuming that is accidental. If I am certain they have cut the course, I might just inform the volunteers at the next available aid station. I believe, that’s where my job ends.
  1. Auf welchen Distanzen findet man Dich vorwiegend?
    I prefer ultramarathons that are 100 km or longer. I believe they offer a reasonable amount of solitude yet makes you meet many people through the course of the race who suffer together and accomplish at the finish. Anything less, gets over too soon.
  1. Was zermürbt Dich im Wettkampf am ehesten: ständiger Regen, ein falsch ausgeschilderter Weg oder
    hartnäckige Verfolger in Deinem Rücken?

    Wrong or missing marking, always. I have failed to finish three different 100 milers for exact same reason, where a few markings were missing, I got off the route in dark, got lost and didn‘t make the cut-off.
  1. Wie tolerant sind Deine Familie und Dein Umfeld, was Deinen Sport angeht?
    My family hates me running. My father once locked me in the room so I couldn’t go out to race. If I could get a cent every time they asked me to stop, I would be rich.
  1. Beschreibe Deine Lieblingstrainingsstrecke in drei Sätzen.
    My favorite training track has a mix of beaten gravel, soft and technical trail with some difficult rocky climbs and fast downhill to complete the loop. It has great view of Oslo from the top and you get to see deers, if you are there at the right time. It gets a bit challenging in the night if you are not careful.
  1. Welchen Wettkampf sollte man einmal in seinem Leben absolviert haben? Warum?
    Barkley Marathons. It is like no other race, where you are truly on your own against all the possible elements you can imagine, chasing a ticking clock that is never by your side and you learn things about yourself and life, that you had never imagined. The race is an equivalent of a University degree, irrespective of whether or not you will finish.
  1. An welchem Wettkampf möchtest Du unbedingt einmal teilnehmen?
    Iditarod Trail Invitational 1000. This is a lifetime goal and I’m working towards it.

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