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In life, we look through the windshield and not the rear-view mirror. That’s the ritual.

Born and brought up in New Delhi, Gaurav is a minimalist and practices what he preaches. A spiritual adventurer and facilitator, as he defines himself when not in his lab, he works as a peacemaker through storytelling and mindfulness with youth and adults.

He found his identity and purpose through long distance running that helped him explore humanity, uplifting from the boundaries of caste, economic class, sexual orientation or religion to share the magical moments of success and miseries on a common platform of growth, celebration, and perseverance. He began exploring India seven years ago through running between cities with an idea of understanding population, communities, their lifestyles and learn of local wisdom. In the process, he ended up running at least 50 km distance in 20 of Indian states through villages, deserts, Himalayas, and coastline of Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal.

He aspires to run solo across the World with a message of peace and sustainability as soon as life and economy permits.

Ambassador, Postcards For Peace

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Harsh Vardhan Chawla

Great to see you my brother! My inspiration! My helper!

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